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Keshav Chandra

"Photography is indeed an art of capturing light, but miraculously it captures the light in the mind and heart of the photographer.  The difference between a picture and a photograph is all you need to learn in this art form, rest is simple arithmetic" -says Keshav Chandra, who has been pursuing this artform for the last 25 years. In all these years, he has dabbled in many genres of photography, published books and put up many exhibitions. Keshav claims that painting is his first love from which almost every facet of his photography evolved. He is an avid watercolour artist and has put up many exhibitions of his paintings at prestigious institutions. 

Landscapes and urban-scapes, primarily shot in the last 4-5 years, form a significant part of the collection exhibited in this portal. Keshav seems to take the cue of his photographic endeavour from the point, where nature seems to scatter the hints of its magic, leaving the artistic space to accentuate and magnify fascinating colours and form to the delight of every heart. The collection has several old portraitures of ethnic people shot on film slides, presented here in the original scanned format. His collection of bird photographs is not light either, it offers a fleeting peek of the marvellous Indian bird's kingdom.

Keshav is a graduate from London School of Economics, and at present, he is the Chief Secretary of Andaman & Nicobar Island.

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